At Prestige Cleaning Solutions we specialise in commercial cleaning.

Our experienced professional cleaners will ensure your workplace is thoroughly clean and tidy, creating a pleasant working environment for you and your colleagues.

Whether you need a one-off deep clean or a regular maintenance cleaning service, we can help. We offer daily, weekly and fortnightly cleaning schedules, and we’ll work around your business hours to avoid disrupting your clients and employees.

From large offices to small businesses, warehouses to restaurants, you can rely on our cleaners to clean your premises and equipment to the highest standards. Call us now to discuss your cleaning needs.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

  • Office cleaning
  • Contract cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet and floor cleaning
  • Sisal Carpet Cleaning
  • Deep cleans
  • Kitchen and oven cleaning
  • Toilet, urinals and shower cleaning
  • End of Lease cleans
  • Decontamination Fogging
Clean Laptop and desk in Office

Office Cleaning

From the reception to the kitchen, from the desks to the stairwells, your Prestige Cleaning Services team will ensure every area of your office is spotlessly clean and tidy, helping you to take care of your colleagues and make a good impression on your clients.

Cleanliness and proper sanitation are especially important if your office workers are ‘hotdesking’ as they’ll be sharing telephones, keyboards and other office equipment, all of which can harbour germs and bacteria.

  • Cleaning telephone handsets, desks and workstation surfaces
  • Dusting furniture and computer equipment
  • Cleaning reception and entrance areas
  • Vacuuming and carpet cleaning, including spot cleaning where necessary.
  • Sweeping, mopping and polishing hard floors.
  • Cleaning toilet and shower facilities
  • Cleaning kitchen areas and washing-up where required.
  • Emptying rubbish and recycling bins
Clean tidy restaurant

Pub & Restaurant Cleaning

We understand that high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are paramount in the food and drink service industry – the reputation of your business depends on it, as does the safety and wellness of your staff and clients.

If you manage a pub, bar, cafe or restaurant, you can trust our specialist cleaning team to thoroughly clean and sanitise your kitchen and service areas, and give you peace of mind.

  • Cleaning entrance areas and foyers
  • Bar cleaning
  • Floor mopping, sweeping, buffing and polishing
  • Carpet cleaning (vacuum, steaming, etc)
  • Spot cleaning
  • Cleaning toilet facilities
  • Emptying and sanitising rubbish and recycling bins
  • Kitchen deep cleaning
  • Cleaning and sanitising all surfaces
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Washing floor mats
  • Cleaning walk-in refrigerator
  • Cleaning out grease traps and hood filters
Pub restaurant nice and clean

End of Lease Cleaning

If you’re the departing tenant, an end-of-lease clean is likely to be required by the terms of your lease. If you’re the agent or owner of the property, a thorough end-of-lease clean is essential to return your premises to a fit state for marketing to and securing your next tenant.

  • Disposing of rubbish and any unwanted furniture, fittings or stock.
  • Cleaning toilet and shower facilities
  • Cleaning windows and glass partitioning.
  • Floor and carpet cleaning
  • Deep cleans of canteens, staff rooms and kitchens.
  • Cleaning air-conditioner vents
  • Spot cleaning
Event - champagne glasses - clean for event

Event Cleaning

Whether you’re hosting a one-off event or you manage a popular events venue, you need a cleaning service that will restore your space to a clean, tidy and functional space as quickly as possible. Whatever the size and duration of your event, you can rely on our professional event cleaning service before, during and after the event.

  • Deep cleaning of the venue before and/or after your event
  • Cleaning toilet and kitchen facilities
  • Emptying rubbish and recycling bins and disposing of the refuse
  • Litter picking
  • Floor and carpet cleaning